Teresa Cadwallader and Michael Heunemann

January 31, 2017

Celebrating 17 years at Image Perfect Laser, Teresa Cadwallader, RN and Michael Heunemann, FNP, specialize in treatments such as expert laser hair removal, IPL and Dermapen micro-needling exclusively from the office of three Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in the beautiful Woodbridge area of Irvine. Teresa and Michael gave us the scoop on must-have skin care products and the top treatments that they offer.

1. Tell us a bit about your background.
T: Born, raised and educated in the Midwest. Left for warmer climates after receiving my BSN from the Univ. or Iowa. Have lived in Florida, Hawaii and CA since 1987 and have enjoyed working a multitude of nursing functions over the years. I have been in aesthetics for 17 years.
M: Raised in OC. Received my BSN from Point Loma and MSN from USD. I have worked with surgical and trauma patients, urgent care and have been in aesthetics for 14 years.

2. How did you decide to get into cosmetic procedures?
T: I actually fell into it. I was working in hospice and ran into a fellow RN that was doing hair removal. Given that I was “sporting a beard” since my recent pregnancy, I was very interested.
M: I was already an FNP and decided to get laser hair removal as a patient. I fell in love with the “small procedure, big impact” world and had to be a part of it.

3. Tell us a bit about Image Perfect Laser, how do you differ from other laser offices?
T/M: We are unique in our continuity of care and commitment to our patients. Our main focus is safety and customer satisfaction.

4. What is your philosophy on beauty and cosmetic procedures?
T/M: We promote self-care. Take care of your skin; protect yourself from the sun and less is more!

5. You’ve been in business for 17 years, what are you most proud of in that span?
T/M: Staying true to our values. Business has changed tremendously over the years. Being hit by the national recession and next came the age of “group on specials” and medi spas on every corner. We are proud we are still here!

6. What is the most rewarding part of your career?
T/M: Building relationships and trust with our clients. Making a dramatic difference in their lives whether it is self-esteem, confidence or saving them time with daily regimens with our procedures

7. You’re one of the few offices in the area that specialize in Dermapen Micro-Needling, tell us a bit about that procedure.
T/M Collagen induction therapy through microneedling. The Dermapen is a device that allows us to control the depth and speed of tiny needles to create micro injuries and deliver serums deep through the epidermis to stimulate collagen. It is used to rejuvenate the skin, treat acne scars and improve stretch marks

8. How do you know if you are a good candidate for hair removal?
T/M We require everyone to come in for a complimentary consultation and exam. The ideal candidate is someone with lighter skin and darker hair, however with the “lightsheer “ laser we can treat most skin and hair types.

9. What is the consultation process at your office?
T/M:All new patients are required to have a complimentary consultation and “Good Faith” exam prior to beginning treatment. We will spend approximately 30 minutes explaining the treatment options, what to expect and provide a quote. Once you are cleared by one of our physicians or our FNP verifying you are a candidate we will move forward with booking your first treatment.

10. What are you most excited about this year?
T: In addition to seeing my son graduating from high school and after our daughter’s marriage last October I am excited to relax and take a few vacations with my husband.
M: Continue to watch my children grow, learn and maybe a little travel sprinkled in as well.

11. How do you keep yourself ahead of the curve in your profession?
T/M: We stay steady and watch the market by examining new equipment by its efficacy. Many treatments “come and go” We are careful to observe what works.

12. What do you consider the must-have skin care products for women over 30?
T/M: Mineral based sunblock (zinc, Titanium) we love Elta MD, HLA- hyaluronic acid, Enzyme cleanser, Clarisonic.

13. What are your favorite nonsurgical treatments for anti-aging?
T/M:Definitely sunblock, Botox before your expression lines become too deep, IPL’s to rejuvenate collagen and stay on top of discolorations.

14. What do you like to do in your free time?
M: Run, beach, travel, shop, and wine and dine.
T: Walk my dogs through our green belts. Enjoy outdoor “Newport life”

15. If you weren’t in the cosmetic procedure field, what would you do?
M: Interior design-still “making the world pretty”.
T: I would either find my niche back in hospice care or start a whole new career in the field of my second passion, “animals”. Maybe dog rescue or animal hospice?
16. Who had the biggest influence on your life?
T/M: Who didn’t have an influence in my life. Aren’t we all influenced by our experiences, good or bad?

17. What is your dream day in Orange County?
T: Spending time with family and friends. Enjoying a glass of wine and Cioppino while sitting with my good friends and taking in the ocean view.
M: A run in the morning, followed by some pampering maybe like a photofacial, then maybe dinner with loved ones and friends.

18. Cause that you’re most interested/involved in?
T: Anything that has to do with animals. I am dedicated heart and soul to them.
M: My kid’s lives, definitely not an organized cause, by any stretch, but what I am most interested in at this point in my life.

19. What are some of your personal beauty tips?
T: Color on my lips, cheeks and just a bit of mascara. If your skin is healthy, glowing and clear you really don’t need much.
M: Photofacials, coconut oil, Sunscreen and a little mascara.

20. What was the best day of your life?
T: So many….My marriage, my children, watching my daughter marry. Watching as my children become compassionate, responsible, accomplished human beings. That’s what it’s about!
M: I don’t know about a day, but the month of September has special place in my heart being that all three of my girls were born that month.

Image Perfect Laser is at 4605 Barranca Parkway, #205 in Irvine. 949.485.3866.

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