THRIVE Training in Irvine 60-Day Membership Giveaway


We’ve partnered with THRIVE Training in Irvine to offer a 60-day membership giveaway valued at $2,000. This giveaway includes:

  • Educational Seminars
  • THREE 2-Week Experiences: 4x/week small group sessions + a discovery session to set goals
  • ONE 60-Day Experience: 4x/week small group sessions + TWO 1-on-1 sessions (VIP)
  • Materials:
    1. Book “Fitness Over 40”
    2. Pre-Designed Workouts with Videos
    3. 7-Day Meal Plan
    4. Healthy Food Swap List

Value is $2,000

You can enter a THRIVE Training in Irvine 60-day membership by following @thrivetrainingirvine on IG and subscribe to Greer’s OC by entering your email below. 

[*No purchase necessary. US residents only, the contest ends July 26, at 11:59 a.m.}

The winner will be randomly chosen on July 26 at noon. and will be announced on our @greerscoc IG story. By entering, you acknowledge that this giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed by, or associated with Instagram. The winner will be randomly selected and notified via email.]

ABOUT THRIVE Training in Irvine 

At Thrive, people over 40 are helped to gain energy and strength in a supportive, judgment-free environment without workouts that strain their bodies. Recognizing the changes in the body, hormone levels, and daily stressors, Thrive addresses these factors to ensure effective and safe fitness routines.

With like-minded individuals in similar circumstances, camaraderie develops, fostering an environment where positive energy helps everyone thrive together. Thrive meets individuals where they are, listens to their experiences, and assists in progressing toward a better and stronger body.

Workouts should never be monotonous but rather an engaging experience with knowledgeable trainers and a supportive group that inspires each other. Thrive's workouts are designed to build the desired and needed body, ensuring that participants are heard, instructed, and inspired by the trainers. Each workout is an intelligent step toward achieving personal fitness goals.

Thrive Training is at 17777 Main St A. in Irvine. (949) 696-5615.