SkyPark at Santa’s Village

May 28, 2021

Southern California theme park SkyPark at Santa’s Village is now open and celebrating 66 years (the park opened Memorial Day Weekend, just weeks before Disneyland). The park sat abandoned for many years until Bill and Michelle Johnson purchased it in 2014, renovated, reimagined, and reopened it. Today SkyPark at Santa’s Village is an “outdoor adventure park” with many self-powered rides and active attractions, which enable guests to safely social distance and still have fun. SkyPark at Santa’s Village caters to thrill-seekers of all ages. Surrounded by the San Bernardino National Forest, SPSV features a world-class mountain bike park, storybook characters, self-powered rides, rustic restaurants, and shops nestled in the historic alpine-themed Santa’s Village.

The park has undergone many changes in order to stay safe during social distancing

SkyPark at Santa’s Village offers

  • Self-powered rides and attractions
  • Mountain/forest hiking
  • A world-class bike park
  • A Fly-fishing lake
  • Zip-lining
  • A summer skating rink that transforms into an ice skating rink in the cold season
  • Climbing a “frozen falls”
  • A reimagined fantasy alpine village with Santa’s House, a gingerbread bakery, and storybook characters
  • A full RV resort and campground just across the street
  • Many of the original buildings, mushrooms, and Santa’s Village attractions
  • Event hosting for weddings, birthdays, parties, and more

Owners Bill and Michelle Johnson have spent their lives in the Mountain Communities; enjoying the beauty and active lifestyle, managing their businesses, and mentoring their youth. Their vision was born the day the Santa’s Village property became available. They envisioned a way to share these beautiful mountains and all they have to offer that would entertain, energize and educate and they knew from history that the Santa’s Village model was not sustainable.

What makes their vision sustainable is the summertime offerings the original Santa’s Village didn’t have; mountain biking, fishing, hiking, ziplining, and our comprehensive education programs. SkyPark at Santa’s Village offers rich and diverse curriculums such as Outdoor Education, Environmental Education, Pathways Programming and so much more.

SkyPark at Santa’s Village promotes clean living, an active lifestyle, and conservation in a fun and interactive exchange with the environment. Santa is obviously key to their vision as he lives and plays at the Park year-round and is always excited to share his magical home with guests. Bill and Michelle are custodians of this magnificent land and we take that responsibility seriously. With that responsibility comes an opportunity to excite, to entertain, and to teach.

Come experience the forest and fun that SkyPark at Santa’s Village has to offer at


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