The Human Trial at The Newport Beach Film Festival

October 07, 2022

For the past decade, I have been an Executive Producer of a documentary called The Human Trial in the hopes of one day showing the world the human side of type one diabetes, what it’s like to live with it, and why it’s so important to cure it. 

Life with diabetes--both type one and type two--can take an enormous physical and emotional toll on patients and their families.

The Human Trial filmmakers, Lisa Hepner and Guy Mossman are partners in film and husband and wife. Lisa knows firsthand what it’s like to live with type one, she’s had it for the past 30 years, and Guy has also lived with the highs and lows of the disease and is equally as passionate about finding a cure. 

Ten years ago, they had unprecedented access to shoot the sixth-ever embryonic stem cell trial in the world. They couldn’t pass it up. This was the story of a lifetime. They were there to share the sweat, passion and sacrifice that poured into this medical breakthrough.

I am so thrilled to let you know that the Human Trial will be screening at the Newport Beach Film Festival on Sunday, Oct. 16 at 4 p.m. at the LOT at Fashion Island. 

Tickets and more information are here:

A bit more about the film:

“There are triumphs and disappointments, but in the end, there has been progress made on single-cell treatment for type 1 diabetes. That’s an incredible thing to witness in the film.” 

— SHEPARD FAIREY | Artist, T1D 35 years 

The Human Trial puts a complex, human face on the clinical trial process. As they documented two patients undergoing the first year of Phase 1-2 clinical trial, the film offers audiences a concrete and nuanced portrait of what scientists and patients alike undergo as they work together to test a possible cure for diabetes--and the critical importance of that collaboration.

The Human Trial charts the precarious and incremental nature of cure funding, and the high-stakes financial risks that go along with the development of novel cures.

Life with diabetes--both Type 1 and Type 2--can take an enormous physical and emotional toll on patients and their families. 

Not only is disease management an omnipresent set of physical tasks; it is taxing on mental health as well.

As the film follows the paths of two patients with diabetes as they participate in a Phase 1-2 clinical trial--as well as the personal diabetes journey of Director Lisa Hepner-- The Human Trial chronicles the physical and financial demands of diabetes management--and the impacts of the disease on a patient’s caregivers, spouses, children, and extended community. 

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