JoAnne Artman Gallery Presents: ART + NATURE

January 19, 2022

JoAnne Artman Gallery proudly presents Art and Nature, an online exclusive introducing Jane Booth and Carla Talopp. Celebrating organic forms, colors, and textures, Booth and Talopp create works that illustrate the inextricably entangled relationship between art & nature.

Jane Booth lives and works on a ranch overlooking broad, open vistas of native prairie, water, and sky, and uses this environment as a foundation for her work. Schooled in ceramics, Booth pursued her love of sculpture and working with her hands by becoming a steel cutter and welder before she turned to fine art. 

This background continues to inform her paintings, which create a visceral sense of space and depth. Often creating monumentally scaled, color-saturated canvases, her process is tactile and physical. Booth begins with large swaths of raw canvas on the floor. Engaging all of her senses, she accesses a nonverbal internal landscape, translating into a felt sense of color and mark. Paint is poured and pushed by hand into the canvas; the degrees of separation between feeling and fulfillment are narrow. Jane Booth is based in the Kansas City area.

Carla Talopp’s work is a celebration of the power and beauty of life. Reflecting a feminine, lively, sensual nature, her cross-disciplinary practice reveals a plurality of forms. Nourished by the work of 20th-century artist Sonia Delaunay and her revolutionary abstract experimentation, Carla pursued an education in the visual arts at ESAG Penninghen (Paris) and at the Rhode Island School of Design. 

Through drawing, painting, and ceramics, she explores environmental concerns and a rapidly changing world while echoing her personal history. Working in large formats, she measures herself against the vastness of her canvases, leading to the liberation of the painted forms and too bright, exacerbated colors that appear luxuriant and surreal. Carla Talopp's art transports and moves as boundaries are blurred between the realistic and the fantastical: whether they are teeming jungles or sparkling sea-beds, these painted worlds reflect the artist's real understanding of the future of nature and its ecosystems.

Now through March 5 ART AND NATURE-An Online Exhibition

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Pictured above: JANE BOOTH Orange Poppies

Acrylic, Sumi Ink, Graphite Spray Paint, Watercolor Crayons on Canvas

78 x 64 inches

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