20Q’s With Revolve Law Group, Boutique Law Firm With Big Law Determination

November 10, 2021

Revolve Law Group was designed to position the client at the center of every collaboration. Led by Founding Partner Kimberly Wright, Esq, and Co-Managing Partner Sara Naheedy, the powerhouse female team is raising the bar for excellence.

The Irvine-based firm specializes in building relationships through concierge support. Revolve Law Group is home to trusted counsel who focuses on the solutions of tomorrow, with unparalleled commitment, for clientele valuing convergence of ingenuity and foresight.

1. Revolve Law Group is leading the future of law firms – how are you setting the new standard? 
In order to set the new standard, we’re prioritizing how we show up for our clients before focusing on what we are doing for them. Our principles and values as people guide who we are as lawyers. Our guiding principle is simple - our world revolves around the client.

2. As a law firm with all female partners, do you feel that gives you a competitive edge? 
We have seen the benefits of focusing our energy on resolution. We don’t compete, we collaborate – especially with opposing counsel. As women, we lean into compassion for all involved. Our desire is to understand and encourage transparent communication. With this mindset the best interests of all parties are involved, all of the information is on the table, each person feels heard, and disputes are resolved before a fight can begin. As females, we lead from a place of empathy and this helps us resolve our clients’ issues in an efficient and solution-oriented manner.

3. How does Revolve Law Firm – quite literally – revolve around its clients? 
We achieve this in two distinct ways. First, we recognize that it is not possible for humans to remove emotions from disputes. We do not shy away from emotion. We hold space for a client to feel seen and heard emotionally, while also protecting their interests and being responsive. Second, we think holistically. We might be hired to handle one piece of the puzzle, but we keep an eye on how that may affect the entire puzzle as a whole. When a client hires us they are usually in a stressful situation and we make ourselves available outside of normal business hours – priding ourselves on our responsiveness to our clients’ needs.

4.  When designing the firm, what were you passionate about seeing Revolve offer that was missing from other firms? 
Revolve was designed to bring relatability, humility, and humor to the practice of law. Lawyers we witnessed growing up had reputations for being ego-driven, unapproachable, and too serious. While we take what we do seriously, feverishly researching the law and persuasively presenting our clients’ positions, we don’t do it for the sake of being right, or unkind. We are not afraid to tell a client that what is in their best interest is to concede a draw or even a loss. Empathy is something that is missing from most other law firms and we strive to provide that in every interaction with our clients.

5. Describe the firm’s core values and why they are critical to how you serve your clients. 
Our core values are determination, civility, integrity, compassion, humor, and curiosity. They are so important to us that we outlined them on our website and omitted the traditional “lawyer resume.” Our clients are best served when we are focused on how we practice law – and that is dependent on who we are being.

6.  What are your signature services? 
Real estate litigation, appellate law, tax mitigation and resolution, civil litigation are our areas of focus and ones we have earned a stellar reputation for serving.

7. Describe the types of clientele Revolve is designed to support. 
A client that is looking for a holistic approach and wants more than just a fix to their problem is a Revolve client. This is a person who wants to be a part of the solution and they want a team that goes beyond the “fix” to consider the “ripple effect” it may have elsewhere in their lives. We analyze a client’s entire situation to determine what resolution best fits that particular client. There is no one-size-fits-all with us. There is only what is custom designed for you. We cater to clients who are looking for their lawyers to go above and beyond what is expected. By going the extra mile, we earn our clients’ trust and their willingness to come back with any and all legal issues that they may encounter.

8. How does Revolve’s real estate law expertise provide a unique level of counsel? 
Partner Sara Naheedy is not only a real estate attorney, but she also has her broker’s license and owns an escrow company - On Demand Escrow. By understanding a real estate transaction from start to finish, and being able to anticipate the pitfalls and issues that arise in a transaction, Sara has insight and experience that many other real estate attorneys do not have.

9.  As a firm, how do you gauge success for your clients? 
We ask ourselves three key questions: Do they feel seen? Do they feel heard? Do they feel included? If yes, this is a success. If they prevail, well, that’s just icing on the cake.

10.  What does the future of Revolve Law Group look like? 
We envision a law firm where psychology matters as much as legal strategy; where mental health is protected and flex time is encouraged; where clients feel seen, heard, and valued as part of our team. As attorneys, we believe a big part of our counsel to our clients is acting as a legal “therapist” helping them navigate stressful and challenging situations.

11.  As entrepreneurs, how do you stay ahead of the evolution curve? 
Historically, law firms christened with the last names of their male founders paved the way for the practice of law. Women lawyers were then socialized to “compete” in a male-dominated environment that celebrated named partners and placed them at the center of the firm’s practice. To stay ahead of the curve required assimilation. Revolve is anti-assimilation and we are making our own curve. It is not about us, it is about you, our clients – the reason for what we do. Our clients are so important, our guiding principle “our world revolves around you,” became the name of the firm. We hope that more law firms evolve in the way that we have.

12.  Are there any ways in which you support the law profession through giving back or community connection? 
We proudly support the OC Bar Charitable Fund and 50/50 Women on Boards which is the leading global education and advocacy campaign driving the movement toward gender balance and diversity on corporate boards.

13. Investing in people can make all the difference – how do you invest in your team? 
Our experience has given us an understanding of what support is vital for others to thrive in the workplace, so we offer our team resources that are not traditionally offered by law firms. This includes flexible working arrangements and the ability to prioritize our families first and work as a close second.

14.  Community is vital – share with us causes you proudly support. 
Collectively, we are proud to support organizations that have a real impact on their cause such as CASA, Lovebugs Rescue, Bark n Bitches, and Big Brothers Big Sisters – their OC mentorship program for youth is something we are passionate about being a part of. We particularly love to support young women who are looking to get into the legal field or start their own business.

15.  Supporting local businesses and brands made an impactful difference for many companies last year. Are there any local hot spots you love to support?
Oak and Coal, Sidecar Donuts, Plums Café, Moulin, and Fujiyama are some of our favorite eateries. The restaurant industry took a major hit last year so we do our part to support these great local spots we wouldn’t want to be without!

16.  Are there any quotes that you hold close for motivation?
We have two mantras. The first “our world revolves around you,” so that we always remember the client is #1 before all else.  The second is, “run circles around them,” which reminds us to never chase learning the law, its nuances, or its application. Good lawyers do not argue well, but instead, good lawyers know their clients, their needs, and have a deep knowledge of the law and how it’s applied.

17.  What is the best piece of advice that you have ever received?
Just start even when you don’t feel like you’re ready. You don’t have to have the whole picture figured out - the picture comes into focus once you start moving forward.

18.  What are you most excited about as we continue to evolve through the pandemic? 

Technology and how it has been embraced in the legal field – hopefully, it will only become a larger part of how the industry becomes more efficient and effective. It’s apparent that technology makes access to justice and the legal system easier for the average consumer and we think that’s a huge benefit to come out of the pandemic.

19.  If you had to define the most important lesson learned last year in 2020, what would that be? 
For lawyers, quality legal service and client satisfaction is not shown by $1,000 suits, a mahogany desk, or a corner office with a million-dollar view. 2020 stripped us of the façade to reveal what truly matters in law: a desire to help people, deep determination to resolve any issue, and commitment to continued learning. 2020 also showed us this can be done from your living room with a laptop, in front of a warm fire, sharing your “home life” with your client over ZOOM.

20.  What is one piece of advice you would share with fellow female business owners? 
Lean into each other, lean on each other, and remember, we are not in competition with each other.  The only person you are in competition with is yourself. Keep evolving and improving, always.

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