Social Media Services By Greer Wylder

June 17, 2024

Let’s face it, you’re a business owner or nonprofit and you need a great Social Media voice, but you have only so many hours in the day. I love Social Media and have been doing it for 17 years for my company and brand. I also offer Social Media services outside of my own company and would love to help your business with content, social media presence, and a strategy. If you’re interested, send me an email at

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Grow With Us, Partner with Us

May 10, 2024

For the past 17 years, the devoted readers of Greer’s OC have provided advertisers with a lucrative target market of highly motivated shoppers, diners, and trendsetters.The devotees trust Greer’s OC to give them the latest information about Orange County’s shopping, dining, trends, travel, and events, and they are ready to act on the tips. In general, the readers of Greer’s OC are female, affluent, and live in Coastal or South Orange County and Los Angeles.For more information, or to request a Media Kit email us at 

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Q&A With Bonni Pomush, CEO of Working Wardrobes

August 27, 2023

Many unemployed individuals need support and services while looking for a job or career. Seeking employment can be demoralizing and confusing. It’s difficult to know where to begin or how to demonstrate skills and abilities to regain job stability.Since 1990, Orange County-based Working Wardrobes has been helping unemployed people get back to work. They serve nearly 5,000 clients annually through a variety of programs. It’s not just about offering work clothes; their services range from resume creation, skills and personality assessments, interview preparation, job coaching, and certification programs. Yet, they also help candidates dress for success through its Success Suit…

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Q&A with Dr. Tanya Dansky—Learn About MemorialCare’s FDA-cleared Virtual Exam Kit

March 22, 2023

Can you imagine having a comprehensive medical exam performed by a physician virtually from the comfort of your home? For the first time, MemorialCare's FDA-cleared Virtual Exam Kit powered by TytoCare makes it possible. The future of healthcare is here! It saves you the hassle of trips to the doctor's office or urgent care. MemorialCare is the only health system in Orange County to offer this capability to its patients.I wanted to learn more about these Virtual Exam Kits and was grateful to speak to Dr. Tanya Dansky, the Senior Medical Director at MemorialCare Medical Group.1.Telehealth really took off during…

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Entrepreneurship Stories at GoSolo

February 10, 2023

GoSolo is a place that features entrepreneurship stories in its digital magazine. They feature many entrepreneurial journeys including mine here. You can learn more about what other entrepreneurs have done to turn your “one day” into day one.

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