The Grey Ghost Project

October 27, 2023

The Grey Ghost Project of the RMS Queen Mary approaches paranormal investigations with a skeptical and evidence-based methodology. Employing cutting-edge tools of the trade, they combine scientific techniques to collect data and documentation in the quest for evidence of the supernatural.

They extend an invitation for you to join in their pursuit.

Your ticket for participation in an investigation grants you a unique opportunity to embark on a 3-hour exploration of the RMS Queen Mary, delving into its history and haunts. You will be guided by one of their resident researchers, accompanying them in the endeavor to document paranormal phenomena in some of the ship's most supernaturally active areas, as well as sections typically restricted to regular guests and tours.

At each location, you will immerse yourself in the legends and lore associated with the site while engaging in interactive experiments aimed at capturing evidence of paranormal activity. Every investigation is meticulously recorded through video and audio recording devices to create a comprehensive record of the encounters. Upon completion, you will be granted access to a digital copy of your investigation.

It's important to note that The Grey Ghost Project is not a theatrical or haunted house experience. Rather, it represents an ongoing, scientific exploration and investigation of the paranormal. Consequently, they cannot guarantee the capture, recording, or experience of any paranormal activity during your investigation. (Their ghosts don't collect salaries!)

Rest assured, The Grey Ghost Project will provide all the necessary equipment for your use during the investigation. While you are welcome to bring your own investigative tools, their utilization during the investigation will be at the discretion of the resident researcher conducting the experience. Please be aware that the use of Ouija Boards, Pendulums, and Dowsing Rods is not permitted.

Tickets and more information, here. 

*Participation in an investigation requires a sober and serious mind. Any person deemed to be intoxicated, disruptive, or disrespectful will be removed from the investigation without refund.*

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