Sushi Trends, An Elevated To-Go Dining Experience

November 20, 2023

Introducing Sushi Trends, Orange County's cutting-edge sushi innovation that just celebrated its grand opening. Located within the Costa Mesa Kitchens, OC's freshest ghost kitchens, Sushi Trends presents a contemporary dining experience with stylish to-go boxes filled with meticulously prepared sushi rolls, delectable sashimi, and more.

At Sushi Trends, the mission is to offer an unmatched culinary journey that seamlessly blends traditional Japanese craftsmanship with modern culinary artistry. According to Kenny Nguyen, Partner alongside Chef Roy Dash, "Our vision for Sushi Trends is to create a culinary sanctuary that celebrates the harmonious fusion of distinctive flavors, tantalizing sauces, and wholesome, pure ingredients." The menu is an ode to creativity and wellness, showcasing expertly crafted sushi rolls, elegantly presented sashimi, and much more.

“We aim to be a destination where cultures collide, where old and new flavors harmoniously clash, and where the vibrant colors of our dishes mirror the vibrant spirit of our guests. Through our innovative approach to sushi, we aspire to create a dining experience that leaves a lasting impression and sparks a sense of culinary wonder in all who join us.” - Chef Roy Dash (Owner and Partner)

Chef Roy Dash, boasting over 13 years of experience, draws inspiration from the artistry of sushi. He prides himself on delivering an experience that not only delights the taste buds but also nurtures the body, recognizing that his culinary creations contribute to the overall well-being of his patrons. His unwavering commitment to the craft, paired with a dedication to using wholesome ingredients, enables him to continuously evolve and excel as a sushi chef.

Starting this November, Sushi Trends will be fulfilling orders and delighting patrons with their beautifully crafted sushi menu.

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