Roger’s Gardens’ Halloween Boutique The Witching Hour

September 11, 2023

Step into Roger's Gardens' Halloween Boutique, the ultimate Southern California destination for all your seasonal shopping needs! Explore their captivating collection of Halloween decor and exclusive artisan pieces that will add a touch of enchantment to your celebrations. 

This spellbinding experience will ignite your imagination and have you eager to explore every eerie corner. Don't miss this must-visit boutique event in the fall – perfect for shoppers and Halloween enthusiasts alike. It's a wickedly wonderful way to embrace the spirit of Halloween!

Five Enchanting Themed Rooms:

Potion Pantry: Discover a bewitching kitchen and dining area filled with smoldering decor and potion bottles that double as both props and treasures to take home. Floating candles and candelabras cast flickering shadows over candy bowls, ornate tablecloths, and runners adorned with dried herbs and florals, whispering ancient recipes.

Boneyard Conservatory: Pay homage to life and death in this haunting space where skeletons and skulls stand sentinel over statues. Amidst the eerie stillness, an original gazebo design hosts planted arrangements that bring the room's macabre aesthetic to life.

Spellcasters Study: Immerse yourself in a darkly opulent Living (Dead) Room, where artisan collectibles and luxury items are elegantly displayed among tabletop figures. Bask in the glow of smoldering LED lights as you explore arcane knowledge books, ornate wands, and creeping spiders. All of this is set beneath the skeletal grace of a bone chandelier and a fireplace crackling with otherworldly energy.

Haunted Hallway: Step into a central corridor filled with shifting illusions. Changing portraits and ghostly mirrors line the walls, while cobwebs elegantly drape from a grand chandelier, seemingly holding onto the manor's whispered secrets.

Bewitched Boudoir: Find yourself in a secluded retreat featuring a lavishly adorned witch's bed at its center, complete with plush pillows and enchanting linens promising restful slumber. Unique wearables are on display, daring visitors to gaze into the bug mirror while being watched over by "Fluffy."

Open daily from 9 AM to 6 PM.

Roger’s Gardens, 2301 San Joaquin Hills Rd., Corona del Mar.

Cost: Free.

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