Protecting Laguna Beach’s Small Town Charm with Measure Q

October 05, 2022

Known the world over for its dramatic coastline, art shows and charming village vibe Laguna Beach welcomes more than 6.5 million visitors a year. Remaining true to its roots is one of the reasons Measure Q will be on the ballot next month. Laguna Beach voters will be asked if they would like the right to vote on significant projects. 

22 years ago, Newport Beach residents were asked a similar question with the Greenlight initiative and the answer was a resounding “yes.” Dana Point passed its initiative in 2016. 

Orange County’s coastal cities face increasing challenges. Built out and in a high fire zone, this town of 23,000 has some of the highest property values in Orange County and Laguna Beach residents would like to keep it that way. 

If passed, Measure Q locks in key zoning standards that have been used for decades. It requires a vote to exceed these standards, to combine lots (to avoid ‘big box’ buildings) and asks the city to carefully consider the cumulative effects of congestion from multiple nearby projects.

Thoroughly vetted over a 2-year period by over 220 residents with the input of experts, the ballot initiative is ideal for the OC’s most eclectic coastal town.

Benefits of Measure Q include faster project approvals, fewer staff hours, and less overtime. For residents, it offers peace of mind that their quality of life, views, environment, and property values will be maintained. 

The initiative relates to commercial buildings near Coast Highway and Laguna Canyon Road and large apartment buildings.

More about Q:

  • Encourages remodel, repair, or reconstruction of any existing building with the same size, height, and type
  • Complies with State-mandated affordable housing laws
  • Single-family homes and small apartment buildings are excluded
  • Public or private K-12 schools, hospitals, museums, or houses of worship are exempt
  • There is no competing ballot measure against Measure Q

Q gives voters a say in how Laguna will look for generations to come. For more information, please visit

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