Keri Wilson

Founder, GoldSheep

Steve Melen

Winner’s Circle Shoes

Linda Sadeghi

Co-Founder The Lab Holding

Maureen Barnett

Owner/Founder The Pilates Studio

Chef Bill Bracken

Bracken’s Kitchen

Julie Boardman

Producer, ‘An American In Paris’

Noah Plomgren

Castmember of ‘Finding Neverland’

You can find out what it’s like to be a part of a Broadway musical, what he does in his off hours, and what advice he would give to someone interested in a career in theatre.

Teresa Cadwallader and Michael Heunemann

RN and FNP at Image Perfect Laser

Celebrating 17 years at Image Perfect Laser, Teresa Cadwallader, RN and Michael Heunemann, FNP, specialize in treatments such as expert laser hair removal, IPL and Dermapen micro-needling exclusively from the office of three Board Certified Plastic Surgeon