OC Mom Writes a Supportive Roadmap to Living Beyond Cancer

May 25, 2021

I just found out about an incredible Orange County mom of four children who was diagnosed with advanced stage 3 colon cancer at 37-years-old during the pandemic. Erin Soto was living the average life of a busy, overly committed mom-of-four and wife when crisis and illness ravaged her body, stole her identity and damaged or destroyed almost everything that gave her life meaning.

“After allowing myself time to grieve over this devastating news, I decided to embrace the experience and use it as an opportunity to set an example for others along the way. I am grateful to share that my cancer has gone into remission at the start of this year, said Erin Soto. ”I immediately got to work as an advocate working to inform, educate, inspire and raise awareness.”

Erin Soto is also the founder of ButtKickerz Run to March for Colon Cancer and CEO of her own cancer awareness apparel line, Mother Fighter Street Style. She's created an online fan base by sharing tips for living a better life while divulging the devastating chaos of her own. Now comes her highly anticipated first book featuring her signature combination of honesty, humor, and direct, no-nonsense advice.

“I have written a book Mother Fighter about my extraordinary true story of survival, courage and discovery that could transform the lives of millions. To help cover the cost of publishing I am launching a Kickstarter Campaign.

Erin's work has appeared on Thrive Global, Everyday Mindfulness and OncoLink Blog based in Orange County. 

She will also be donating 250 care bags directly to cancer patients at hospitals around Los Angeles and Orange County to celebrate the release of the book.

If you can support her book and Kickstarter Campaign, you can visit here. Her goal is simply to share her story to help to save just one life – “it all will have been worth it,” said Erin.

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